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TWHBEA 20306355

A Jazz Man x A Rare Vision 

Jazz Man Centerfold

TWHBEA# 20205489

A Jazz Man x Cold Ice Centerfold

Bazinga by Still Max, few spot appaloosa stallion out of Razzi.


Star Crossed Jazz

2017 Filly By

My Super Star

Super Sweet Jazz

2015 Filly by 

My Super Star

Nite Styx

2013 colt/gelding 

by Nite's Design

Black colt

Hallelujahs Super Star HGF TWHBEA#199017170

Hallelujahs Sunset Magic X Super Sonic's "10"

My Jazz Dancer
2017 Colt
By My Super Star
Nite's Play Girl

2014 Filly by

Nite's Design


Nite's Prodigy

2011 colt/Gelding by Nite's Design

Touch of Delilah

TWHBEA# 19911840

WGC The Touch x Delight of Delilah

Touched By Nite

2005 Gelding

By Nite's Design

Nite's Sizzling Touch

2008 Gelding

By Nite's Design

Super Star's Blaze & Glory

2014 colt/gelding by 

My Super Star

2017 WIWHA Futurity Graduate award

Sonic's Unforgettable 

TWHBEA # 920845

Sun Eden's Super Sonic x All My Cash

Cherished By Nite

2006 Filly

by Nite's Design

HSM Unforgettable Knight

2000 Gelding by

Hallelujahs Sunset Magic

Nite's Total Recall

2004 Gelding

by Nite's Design

Nite's Destiny

2009 Filly

by Nite's Design

AND ..We have added a horse of a difference color to the herd. Polar FireChip, few spot leopard mare bred to Nite's Design for the prettiest little boy with his Mom's color and his Dad's gait. 

NITE HAWK Nite's Design x Polar FireChip

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