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Newfoundland Dogs can be your best friend, loving caretakers of the family and home  
OR some people's worst nightmare.
They are BIG, HAIRY, SLOBBERY lumps of  love. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your floors and walls, possibly your ceilings, these dogs may not be the best choice for a family member. 
Newfoundland Dogs want to be with their family, inside and outside. They can be roamers so a good fenced yard or large enclosed area is best to keep them home. An extra large dog door can accomodate the inside, outside, inside, outside wishes of your pet.  They can learn to use a bell on the door handle to signal a wish to go out.  
They should never be kept outside all the time. 
Newfoundland Dogs want to be at your feet or by your side and anything less is torture and heartbreak for these sensitive dogs. 
A strongly worded reprimand is usually all that is needed to correct behavior. Physical punishment or agressive discipline is likely to create a fearful and destructive puppy.
Be kind, but firm, and teach obedience from love and they will always be there for you. 
At Blue Tide Newfoundlands we will socialize and handle your puppy from birth, until you take him/her home.
The puppies will have 2 vet visits, 2 vaccinations, wormer on schedule, and a visit to a Board Certified Canine Cardiologist before they go to their new families.
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